In the studio with virtual reality: Student perceptions and potential integrations into art and design curriculum

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Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education


The use of virtual reality (VR) to create immersive experiences through the principles taught in art and design curricula has been studied over the past two decades while, at the same time, demonstrating positive correlations between learning outcomes and the technology. Not surprisingly, the creation of 3D models within a virtual environment leads to a better understanding of 3D workflow. Yet, despite these developments, few studies have been conducted specifically on the application within a studio context for art and design disciplines and how VR might benefit artists and designers. This study confirms that the use of VR in art and design courses is perceived to promote a better understanding of three-dimensional spaces, design and to improve student-centered activities and student–student interactions. At the same time, integrating VR into curriculum should be strategic and aligned with learning outcomes for impactful learning experiences.


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