Recasting Global Feminisms: Towards a Comparative Historical Approach to Feminist Scholarship and Women’s Activism

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Feminist Studies



Nonetheless, the desire to build an international women's movement led some Western feminists to proclaim a global sisterhood that united Western and non- Western women through a common political agenda.3 Over time, many international conferences have staged challenges to a hegemonic Western feminism and facilitated discussions on different approaches to local struggles for women's rights. The decades from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s witnessed this change in women's movements around the globe and in articulations of the feminist agenda, as Peggy Antrobus writes, "from one that has traditionally defined women's issues in terms of domestic violence and reproductive rights to one that sees every issue from the perspective of women and which has taken on broader issues, from militarism and health, to environmental and economic justice, social development, human rights, and population

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Spring 2010