The Student-Teacher Relationship at the College Level

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Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors (1915-1955)


It is very easy, in thinking of student-teacher relationships, to forget the complexity of the participating units. Of this we must first remind ourselves. The only efficient specialist is a piece of machinery, for it is created to do just one thing, and its structure makes possible only those relationships to other machines which its makers desire to effect. These are simple, controllable, unitary. Machinery is free from initiative and development. Its interests are never hard to define, never overlap. Given, there- fore, the right belt or gear mesh, a machine sets up clear-cut, teleologically perfect relationships with other machines. A machine can even do this with a human being. Between a good typist and a typewriter there is a relationship which never needs definition, and breaks down only for causes that can easily be analyzed and remedied


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