Thinking Aloud, Episode 12-  Carnegie: A Man and His Money and Image



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Guest: Dr. Jeff Smith of the Lindenwood University History Program. Dr. Smith discusses Andrew Carnegie.

Dr. Jeffrey Smith is Senior Professor of History and author of The Rural Cemetery Movement: Places of Paradox in Nineteenth-Century America. He is a cultural historian who writes and speaks about cemeteries and historical deathways, and is a contributor to the Washington Post and the History News Network.

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Host Donald E Heidenreich, Jr (PhD, University of Missouri) has been a professor of history at Lindenwood University since August 2000 and teaches courses in the history, political science and international relations programs. His course load has included the international relations capstone class, IR 40100 Intelligence, Military and National Policy, impact of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, American military History, and a class on the origins of World War One. In addition to his Ph.D. He has a Masters in history from the University of Arizona and a Bachelors in international relations and history from San Francisco State University.

Dr. Heidenreich has had published numerous pieces including: “Federalist Diplomacy and Military Activity, 1789-1801,“ The Routledge Handbook of American Military and Diplomatic History: The Colonial Period to 1877, “The Power to Regulate Land and Naval Forces.” The Powers of the U.S. Congress, “U.S. National Security and Party Politics: The Consensus on Louisiana, 1789-1803.” The Arkansas Historical Quarterly. He has also written numerous pieces on wars and treaties for various encyclopedia.

Dr. Heidenreich also served 22 years in the US Army Reserve and National Guard as an intelligence officer, an artillery officer, and finally as a historian before retiring as a Major in 2002. He was trained in counter intelligence in 1982 and then served in a number of tactical intelligence positions until 1994 when he took commanded of “C” Battery 1/128th Field Artillery from 1994-1996 and finally took command of the 135th Military History Detachment.

Thinking Aloud, Episode 12-  Carnegie: A Man and His Money and Image