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Master of Business Administration



First Advisor

Daniel W. Kemper

Second Advisor

Jan R. Kniffen

Third Advisor

Laura DeRigne


This thesis is intended to present a thorough business plan for a truss manufacturing plant. The thesis will give the reader a complete understanding of the purpose of a truss in the building industry. The thesis also presents research on existing truss manufacturing plants and determined how the companies in this field currently operate. Once the research was completed, the business plan was prepared. The completed business plan was presented to three individuals who, by their experience, can be considered subject matter experts. These three individuals were then asked to give input about the completed business plan.

The input from the three subject matter experts was used to determine the validity of the business plan. Analysis of the results of the subject matter experts' input concluded that a new truss manufacturing plant closely following the procedures in the business plan cannot be statistically proven to be successful. The business plan was, however, considered to be one that could persuade potential investors to commit to finance the truss plant.

Business plans are often considered to be a blueprint for operating a business. The purpose of a business plan is in fact more than just a blueprint, it is a tool for communicating an idea to an investor. If the business plan is very good, it will get financed and the business will become a reality. If the business plan is anywhere less than very good, it is worthless because the business will never happen.

This thesis is actually intended to be dual purpose. The primary purpose is to research an industry and give accurate operating data. The second, less distinct purpose is to prepare a business plan which will present financial data in such a way that a potential investor will feel confident that his or her money is secure and providing a good rate of return.

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