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Master of Business Administration



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Gary Gardiner

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Betty LeMasters

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Michael Zylka


This thesis focuses on the dysfunction of a significant proportion of America's youth and shows how it can be attributed directly to lack of parental presence or parental control. Today's youth are in total chaos. Research shows there is a definite lack of quality time with today's children from their parents. This lack of parental involvement plays a crucial role in the development or lack of development of today's youth and tomorrow's workers.

The purpose of this study is to examine the changes in the structure of the American family, and the resulting need for management to assume a more parental, supportive, but toughminded role to cope more effectively with this new breed of young Americans.

The author holds that the dysfunction of today's youth is clearly attributable to two-income households, daycare, divorce, and external influences that will eventually affect the new generation of tomorrow's workers in the structural workplace.

Studies show that tomorrow's managers will have to take a more parental role towards their employees in order to be effective in the workplace. The necessity for this parental role can be traced or attributed to the alarming fact that a significant number of today's youths are not receiving the support and guidance that only a parent can give.

Research also indicates that companies will have to become much more creative in developing programs that address work/family issues. Many companies are providing EAP's (Employee Assistance Programs), daycare facilities, and onsite-financial planning. Ultimately, attitudinal changes in the family will be an impetus to attitudinal changes in the workplace.