Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Art History and Visual Culture



First Advisor

Dr. Khristin Landry-Montes

Second Advisor

Dr. Jeanette Nicewinter

Third Advisor

Dr. James Hutson


This study aims to disclose how Classic Maya commoners utilized weaving patterns in small village architecture to highlight female power and status in the highlands of Mesoamerica. There are two primary goals for this project: first, to demonstrate how the weaving patterns in Maya highlands architecture stood as a symbol for female authority; second, to add equity and diversity to the field of art history by studying the Maya with a feminist lens, which is typically an underrepresented culture and gender in comparison to other civilizations, such as those from Europe and the United States. Furthermore, the Classic Maya farming village of Cerén is used as a primary case study to examine how Cerén’s surviving architecture uses weaving patterns.


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