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Master of Art



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Marilyn Patterson

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Linda Cowden

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Edward Doerr


The purpose of this survey was to determine if graduates believed that the counseling services they received at Belleville Area College contributed to their academic success . A survey was conducted utilizing 181 graduates (111 females and 70 males) from a May 1996 graduate class of 696 students . Academic success is defined as the completion of a degree . Reasons for seeking counseling were broken into two time frames consisting of new students and students who were nearing completion of their degree. Areas o f counseling explored included adjustment to college, choosing a major, personal, study skills, meeting graduation requirements and other. Results indicated that neither the gender of the student nor the ethnicity of the student related to the students' negative or positive beliefs that counseling services contributed to their academic success. Seventy- five percent of the sample stated that they believed the counseling services they received did contribute to their academic success.

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