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Master of Art

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Marilyn Patterson

Second Advisor

Constance A. Deschamps

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Betty LeMasters


The purpose of this project was to investigate the professional field of geriatric care management. Information was obtained by reviewing the needs of the caregiver and the aging adult and the dynamics of the relationship which exists between them, by exploring the reasons why this relationship sometimes inhibits the caregiver from pursuing the services that are needed, and by examining the role of the geriatric care manager in helping the caregiver and aging adult sort through the fragmented web of services in order to match the caregiver and the aging adult with the appropriate services.

Locating and selecting appropriate services is a major function of the geriatric care manager. An efficient geriatric care manager needs to have resources easily and quickly accessible. To help meet this need , a long-term care resource inventory data base project was developed. The long-term care facilities in the St. Louis and surrounding counties area were researched and the data regarding each facility was entered into a data base program customized for the geriatric care manager. This project allowed information pertaining to over 200 facilities to be readily available to the geriatric care manager searching for appropriate placement for a client.

Further research is needed to develop a service provider resource inventory for the geriatric care manager. Being able to access information about appropriate services in the community through a data base inventory would provide a much more comprehensive, accurate, and time efficient service for the client.