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Master of Arts in Education



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Nancy Schneider

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Richard A. Boyle


Summary. The Bureau of Statistics estimates there will be a l 0% increase in job employment for all types of school administrators by the year 2006. Also, by the year 2003 it is estimated that 50% of all current principals will retire. In the absence of seasoned administrators, school districts will be searching a field that is primarily composed of skilled teachers that lack the experience of administration.

Most college and university programs in Missouri present knowledge about school administration and require an internship regarding school administration. However, this framework does not fully help students develop skills that translate that knowledge into practice.

There are numerous induction programs offered by educational state departments and school districts that are trying to meet the need of administrative vacancies. This paper will reveal some of these programs and offer recommendations on what colleges and universities may do to keep up with the demand for school principals.

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