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Master of Arts



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John Troy


This thesis describes contemporary, non-traditional printmaking processes aimed at creating a metaphor for our perceptions of time and how the passage of time affects us both internally and externally in our attempt at constructing our self-identity. The language of this metaphor adopts the internal patterns of tree burls and altered pieces of manufactured wood in communicating the transience of time and mutability of memory. Texture is highlighted in many of the pieces for the exhibition, not only with that of irregular wood grain, but also in the series with skin-like handmade flax paper. In order to demonstrate how memory is conjured, inanimate and nostalgic objects are also used in the image-making process, pressed into textures as they are imprinted on our minds. The printmaking processes used in the exhibition are relief printing, collagraph printing, and embossing on paper, fabric, and flax paper.

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