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Master of Arts in Game Design


Game Design

First Advisor

Jeremiah Ratican

Second Advisor

Ben Fulcher

Third Advisor

Melissa Elmes


This project creates a new campaign setting compatible with the Dungeons and Dragons system utilizing the SRD Open Game License content as a starting point. The campaign setting created establishes mechanics allowing for narrative interaction between the past and present timeline of events in the world of Lunaria. This new system, entitled The Foreboding, utilizes a shift mechanic to alter the player characters in several possible ways, ranging from changes in race or character history to interactions with past time periods and events that alter the present timeline of the narrative. New character options for race and class were also developed to enhance the immersion within the world of Lunaria. The project includes a short adventure to provide a guided experience into the world of Lunaria and the Foreboding system.

This project report provides and overview of the current state of game design with regards to board and tabletop games, as well as detailing the methodology used in creating and playtesting the final product of this project.

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Game Design Commons