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Master of Science in Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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James Lister

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Jeff Harris


This applied learning project will deal with the implementation of empowerment in an organization and the importance of an implementation plan.

Research shows that resistance to change by management or front line employees can lead to the failure of the change. Resistance to change is a normal human reaction but can be minimized through effective change management.

Effective change management includes clear, understandable, complete communication at the appropriate time. The development of a change implementation plan can reduce the resistance to change by providing information that addresses employees concerns regarding the proposed change.

The purpose of this project is to design an Empower Implementation Plan that incorporates the change management principles recommended in current research. It is hypothesized that the creation and use of an effective Empowerment Implementation Plan will effect the success of moving a company from a traditional management style to the empowerment management style.

Two evaluators were selected to participate in the evaluation of the Empowerment Implementation Plan. The evaluators were business professionals in the mortgage banking and insurance industries. Both were college graduates and had management experience. One had worked in an empowered work environment. They were asked to complete a review the plan and complete a survey that the plans effectiveness in communicating in the following areas: (1)physical layout and presentation; (2) clarity and understandability; and (3) completeness.

The results of the analysis showed the overall plan was effective but that there were areas for improvement. Analysis also showed that additional studies need to be completed to completely validate the effectiveness of the plan.

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