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This project focuses on the changing roles - and subsequent needs - of today's women.

Society slowly adapts to change; consequently, the responses to women's needs result in some being met, some only being addressed while others are completely ignored.

Still. changes in society have afforded unique opportunities for today's woman. Associated with these opportunities comes challenges. Segments of society continue to hold gender based stereotypical beliefs limiting women to traditional roles. But a new version of women's potential has emerged in the last quarter century. These new attitudes open up a more expanded scope of roles. They also result 1n new demands being placed on women who are not satisfied with suppressing their full potential. The juggling of a variety of roles often results in additional stressors manifesting in many areas of a woman's life.

The purpose of this study is to research various aspects of the demands on today's woman. to investigate what changes are taking place to aid her in her changing roles, and to discover areas that are not being fully addressed and offer additional options through creation of a new business venture. Chapters one through three discuss the evolving society and associated trends. especially those effecting women. through a review of literature. Some of the key topics explored are new issues for women in politics, sports. managerial styles and family values. Chapters four and five focus on the new business venture. Time for You, Ltd.. and address a specific area of need for women - that of ways of relieving everyday stress.

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