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Master of Art

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Anita Sankar

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Marilyn Patterson

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Joe Worth


This study was designed to investigate the relationship between the level of church involvement and self-esteem in African American adolescents from the area of St. Louis, Missouri. Participants were 58 adolescents who were given two instruments: The Hare Self-esteem Scale and Church Involvement Assessment Scale. The Hare Self-esteem was administered to measure the level of self-esteem. The researcher designed the Church Involvement Assessment Scale to measure the level of involvement in church related activities. The hypothesis was that the adolescents who are more involved in church related activities would tend to have a higher self-esteem than adolescents who are less involved in church related activities. The results were significant, showing that adolescents who reported higher involvement in church activities, tend to have higher self-esteem than those who were less involved in church related activities. These finding indicate that involvement in church related activities might be one of the variables influencing the level of self-esteem in African American adolescents.