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Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis


Behavior Analysis

First Advisor

Robbie Hanson

Second Advisor

Maggie Pavone


Behavioral skills training (BST) is a well-researched and empirically validated teaching method that typically involves the use of instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback to improve staff and client performance (Leaf et al., 2015). Previous studies have shown the effectiveness of BST across a wide variety of populations and skill sets, including within educational environments (Kirkpatrick et al., 2019). However, limited research exists on the use of BST to improve staff member implementation of behavior intervention plans (BIPs), particularly for staff members who have a history of incorrect implementation. The current study examines the effectiveness of in-person BST in a school setting for the implementation of BIPs within role-play scenarios. Additionally, social validity measures were taken to assess the acceptability and value of the procedures and outcomes.