Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Chajuana Trawick Ferguson

Second Advisor

Caira Butler

Third Advisor

Shevare' Perry


This project focuses on how social media is impacting the fashion industry. The primary focus is on the inner workings of social media within the fashion industry, and how it has changed the industry. The project aims to study problems found within fashion marketing, which are causing negative effects in the industry. The negative effects can be defined as environmental and unethical working environments, which are common topics of discussion within the fashion industry as a whole, but never discussed in tandem with the influence of marketing and social media. Furthermore, the project studies how these can be solved by being able to recognize the issues at hand. These topics will be effectively displayed as a course, which will be intended for university and college students. The course will enlighten students on social media and how it is currently being used within the fashion industry. Once the foundation is laid, the course will begin to teach students about the effects of overmarketing and how it promotes overconsumption, which then leads to the environmental impacts and unethical working conditions that are all too common in the fashion industry. The overall goal for this course is for students to be able to understand the inner workings of this form of marketing in the fashion industry and be able to recognize the problems at hand. With this, students who choose marketing or social media careers in the fashion industry may be able to help create a change that will help the industry’s unethical ways.