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Both dichotomous thinking and other types of cognitive distortions were associated with various mental disorders and suicidality. No known study has examined the relationship between dichotomous thinking and other cognitive distortions, and no known measure of cognitive distortions has integrated dichotomous thinking.

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Nam Duc Nguyen graduated from Lindenwood University with Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and International Business. During his time at Lindenwood, Nguyen conducted studies on cognitive psychology, with a focus on dichotomous thinking—the tendency to think in clear oppositions. Nguyen examined how judging phenomena or people in terms of opposite extremes could have associations with, or effects on, changes in mental health and rationality. After graduation, Nguyen worked full-time as Behavioral Health Technician at Black Hills Works, supporting people with disabilities to improve emotional-behavioral regulation, independent living skills, and decision-making.

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