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This open educational SPECIAL TOPICS IN BEHAVIOR resource is hosted online for download, remix, and adoption by any individual with an internet connection. The authors and contributors hope this will create a disruption in the current publication climate and also have long-lasting impact on the community of individuals who may want to learn about the science of applied behavior analysis. Chapters are written by BCBAs and graduate students with peer reviews by a team of volunteer BCBAs, BCBA-Ds, and other doctoral-level collegiate faculty in order to ensure accuracy and readability. As an OER, this resource is open to addition and editing and welcomes additional comments or reviews. The editor and authors have provided contact information in each section. The text should continue to improve and evolve as a growing support for the dissemination of behavior science.

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Fall 2021


behavior analysis, ABA, applied behavior analysis, Bcba, dissemination, behavior science


Other Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Special Topics in Behavior Analysis