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Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is a theme park company that offers guests thrill rides, water attractions, and other themed events. Six Flags currently operates 25 parks, with 22 parks in the United States, 2 parks Mexico and one in Montreal, Canada. These 25 parks span over 5,900 acres of land and the company has an additional 800 acres of available land yet to be used. In 2018, Six Flags had an aggregate of 920 rides being offered, with the largest segment being their 150 roller coasters.

Six Flags holds exclusive licensing, through Warner Bros and DC Comics, of the theme park usage of characters (through advertising and merchandising). Such characters include Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Much of the competitive viability of Six Flags is limiting theme park competition, due in part to limited viable real estate in key areas. The company generates revenue through ticket sales, food and merchandise sales, sponsorships, and licensing, among others. Six Flags has annual revenue of $1.5B, with a market cap and enterprise value of $5B and $8B, respectively.

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Fall 2019

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Dr. Guarango Banerjee