The first workshop in the Expanding Access to the Digital Humanities in St. Louis series was held April 9th, from 8am to 5pm on the Lindenwood University St. Charles campus. This workshop was funded in part by the Missouri Humanities Council. All humanities faculty at Missouri schools in the greater St. Louis area were eligible to participate. All participants received a $140 honorarium for their time. The workshop was held in person, but a virtual participation option was available for those who needed one.

This workshop was designed as a mutual learning experience. Three higher education humanities faculty joined five secondary education humanities faculty to discuss the current state of, and future possibilities for, digital humanities practices in classrooms. During the workshop, participants:

  • shared their current practices for incorporating digital work in the high school humanities classroom
  • learned simple and effective digital humanities activities they can use in the future
  • discussed how these various activities align with MoDESE standards
  • identified challenges to increasing the number and quality of digital learning experiences in high school humanities classrooms (and potential solutions)
  • identified obstacles (institutional or otherwise) to allowing high school students to remotely participate in university-based digital humanities projects
The workshop was designed to benefit attendees by providing them with ideas and activities for deepening their students’ learning through digital humanities practices. Simultaneously, it provided the project directors with insights that will help them to further develop the St. Louis digital humanities network. Anyone interested in learning more about this workshop may contact Dr. Geremy Carnes at [email protected].