Expanding Access to the Digital Humanities in St. Louis, supported in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Missouri Humanities Council, seeks to build a digital humanities (DH) network for the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, linking faculty, students, and community members across the region’s educational and cultural institutions in a community of pedagogy and practice.

The initial stage of this project will be an eighteenth-month process of needs assessment, information sharing, and community building. To this end, Lindenwood University, in partnership with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, will host two workshops in 2022 for regional secondary and post-secondary faculty. These workshops will facilitate conversations on establishing best practices and processes for inter-institutional collaboration in formal and informal DH pedagogies, with an initial priority on processes allowing students to participate remotely in DH projects at other institutions.

By promoting DH practices across St. Louis, the network will not only cultivate 21st-century digital literacies among students, but it will also make the field of digital humanities more diverse, inclusive, and equitable. The workshops and the collaborative efforts that follow will allow faculty to think about the particular challenges and opportunities afforded by the St. Louis region’s past and present, and to establish shared goals for addressing those challenges and leveraging those opportunities.

The results of these workshops will be made freely available on this website, so that other metropolitan regions can build upon our work of expanding access to the digital humanities.

What is Digital Humanities?

Improving Digital Humanities Pedagogy in St. Louis

St. Louis Digital Humanities Network Guidelines for Inter-Institutional Student Participation in Digital Humanities Projects

SWOT Analysis of the State of Digital Humanities Education in the St. Louis Region


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April 9th, 2022, Workshop: Improving Digital Humanities Pedagogy in St. Louis

September 16th-17th, 2022, Workshop: Expanding Access to the Digital Humanities in St. Louis