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The current study explored the research question which music genre increases one’s productivity the most? Methods: Data was collected from 45 participants from social media (Reddit, Instagram, Twitter) and the Lindenwood Participant Pool. An online Qualtrics survey was created to test participants productivity through typing tasks and a few demographic questions were asked at the end. Participants were asked to type as many nonsense words as they could in a minute while having one of the four music genres: R&B, classical, Latin, and rap playing in the background. The task was completed four times so all participants were exposed to all music genres and lists of nonsense words. This was followed by two demographic questions that asked about participants’ gender and race/ethnicity and participants were also asked if they used a normal keyboard or a touchscreen keyboard. Results: The findings revealed there was no statistically significant effect of genre on the variable of correctly typed nonsense words F(3,28) = 1.913, p = .150. Discussion: The implications of these findings greatly contrast previous research, and more research will need to be conducted to confirm these differences.

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