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Previous research reveals that transgender individuals suffer with greater mental health concerns than cisgender individuals (Borgogna, McDermott, Aita, & Kridel, 2018). Moreover, transgender and gender nonconforming students are experiencing more difficultly in college than their cisgender peers. The data show that transgender students experience greater levels of trauma, stressors in life, harassment, and discrimination (Greathouse et al., 2018; James et al., 2016; Swanbrow Becker et al., 2017). Further, James et al., (2016) found that the climate on campus has led some transgender students to drop out of their higher education institute. The current research examined both transgender or gender nonconforming (n = 19) and cisgender students (n = 139). The purpose of this research was to gather information on the experiences and perceptions of these students in order to give institutions further information and suggestions on how to improve campus environment. The results of this research were somewhat consistent with previous research mentioned in the literature review.

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