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The purpose of this study is to compare the coaches’ and athletes’ perception on motivational techniques. The interest of this study was to see if the coaches’ perception on the motivational techniques match with the perceptions of the athletes. Therefore, I used two different surveys; one for coaches and one for athletes. These surveys were really similar to each other. However, they differ in one section where coaches were asked to answer questions about motivational techniques that they apply to their athletes. Whereas the athletes were asked to give their personal opinion on the coaches’ motivational techniques. My hypothesis was that coaches would apply different motivational techniques for different athletes. My data did not support my study. When I compared coaches’ and athletes’ open questions, I found that coaches and athletes agreed on most of them. I also found that most of the athletes were happy with the motivational techniques that their coaches used; therefore, the athletes reported that they would not like to change anything in the way their coaches use the motivational techniques. Finally, I also ran 3 Independent Samples t-tests that did not show any significant differences between coaches’ and athletes’ responses.

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