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Arming Airline Pilots


The issue whether to arm pilots has been a great debate for the last decade. With terrorism on the rise, the idea of arming pilots has also became an interesting subject. The purpose of this study was to examine the opinions of individuals about arming airline pilots. The article was about the past issues of gun control in America. Once the participants read the letter, then they will answer questions based off of what they read. Then the target question was asked, which was whether the participants believe the pilot shown should be armed. The variable that was manipulated was the race of the pilot shown. Each email had a picture of a pilot on it. The pilot either was Caucasian, African American, or Middle-eastern. They were be male pilots. The race of the pilot inserted in the letter was randomly assigned to each participant. I believe that the race of the pilot will have an impact on the readers’ decision whether to arm the pilot or not. My hypothesis is that the participants will agree to arm a pilot if they received the picture of a Caucasian pilot along with the email. I also believe that participants will least likely choose to arm the Arabic pilot. Results showed that the participants did not want to arm the Arabic pilot vs. the other two races.

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