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The purpose of this study is to look for any way that proctoring styles may affect test results. This is essential as test taking contributes greatly in the academic careers of students. If test results are not reflecting the true knowledge of students, there is a discrepancy that must be addressed. This study will use timed problems under two proctoring conditions. The two levels being measured are intrusive proctor behaviors and non-intrusive proctor behaviors. The results of this study show that there were no significant differences between test scores of intrusive proctoring (M = 42.1111, SD = 4.05) versus non-intrusive proctoring (M = 42.5556, SD = 11.28). Even though results were not significant, there is still a discrepancy between the between tests scores. Therefore, despite the data that is not in support of the original hypothesis, that tests intrusively proctored will result in lower test scores, the data still calls for additional research on this subject.

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