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Locus of Control and stress are potentially vital concepts that could, in theory, reveal to be major players in everyday life. Previous research has examined locus of control in relation to stress, although both locus of control and stress were variables defined in a variety of different contexts depending on the research. Some studies focused on locus of control and stress in regards to specific environments, while others looked at the concepts in broader terms, such as this study does. Indeed, the present study sought to explore the relationship between these two concepts in a more general sense, in order to achieve a rudimentary understanding of how locus of control and stress could possible relate. Participants were given a survey comprised of two other surveys combined and slightly modified that measured locus of control orientation (internal or external) and perceived levels of general stress. Participant’s scores within each variable were compared. The results of the study indicated that there was indeed a significant relationship between an external locus of control orientation and high stress levels, although the strength of that correlation remained weak.

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