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Altruism and self-worth are important concepts that past research has attempted to define and explore in various contexts. Some studies focus on self-worth and the various components of self-worth, while others define the concept in looser terms. Additionally, altruism is indirectly referred to in some studies, guised as “morality” and an attitude geared towards helping others. The present study sought to explore the relationship between these two concepts, using more basic definitions. Participants were given a survey comprised of two other surveys combined measuring self-worth and altruism. Additionally, demographic information was also collected within the same main survey. Participant’s scores in each area were compared. Some demographic information (such as gender) was also compared to corresponding score of self-worth and altruism. The results of the study indicated that there was no significant relationship between altruism and self-worth, but the correlation between altruism and self-worth for males and females differed, additionally there was a significant difference between genders for self-worth, but not for altruism.

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