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Nowadays, it is really important for the researchers to understand the origins of stress, because it has been established that stress is really harmful for the human beings and is the cause to many diseases. Emotional intelligence has been shown to influence various areas of life, while several research studies state that EI has an effect on people’s abilities to cope with stress. Many studies affirm that EI, because of its effect on perceived stress, would have an influence on people’s aptitudes to manage a team, communicating with colleagues, and leadership skills. Because, today, in many workplaces, for interviews, managers take into consideration candidates’ results, to decide to hire them, it is really important to confirm if this idea is true. The hypothesis is that people with higher EI will show higher abilities to cope with stress, whereas people with lower EI will show lower abilities to cope with stress. To observe the relationship between EI and stress coping, 30 participants were recruited through the Lindenwood Participant Pool and they had to complete three different surveys: a demographic survey, an emotional intelligence survey, and a stress coping scale. The results showed a positive and relatively strong correlation between EI and people’s ability to cope with stress. These results allow us to confirm the relationship between EI and stress. People who have a higher emotional intelligence seem to keep their capabilities better in stressful situations than people with a lower emotional intelligence.

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