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motivation to purchase that product. The research hypothesis stated that color would have an effect on a person’s motivation to purchase a product and that those differences would vary between sex as well. To test this hypothesis, the current study recruited participants to take a demographic survey and rate 60 colored products on a slideshow. The slideshow consisted of 60 pictures, 10 items colored in the 6 primary and secondary colors. The participants were given as much time as they needed to rate each item on a Likert scale from 0-would not buy to 10-would definitely buy. After the participants completed the study, the data were collapsed into color categories and each color had a score, per participant, from 0-100. It was concluded at the end of the study that the results supported the research hypothesis because the ANOVA revealed that there was a significant difference between men and women and their motivation to buy an item based on its color in 2 of the 6 colors.

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