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This paper examined whether or not classical music has a positive or negative effect when it comes to studying school related material. College students were able to sign-up through the Linden Participant Pool. The study used convenience samples to select the participants of this study and given two tests to collect the data: one with music and one without music, and it was a within-participants study. The hypothesis was to detect whether or not classical music is beneficial to a student while comprehending school related material. The participants were also administered a demographic survey, two informed consents, a printed receipt, and a feedback letter. The hypothesis was supported and the data showed significance between the two variables after running a t-test through SPSS. While researching this subject I also found that this genre of music is helpful to many other things such as premature babies and the hearing impaired. Classical music is a genre that may need to be recognized more for its ability to improve things throughout our daily lives.

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