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Self-esteem is what some may define as self-confidence. School performance is what society may define as participation in the classroom or how much effort you put forth into learning. This research was designed to see if a correlation between school performance and self-esteem exists. Participants were recruited at Lindenwood University and chose to take the study for extra credit in a particular class. Thirty-three participants were assigned to complete a single survey, with questions asking for their views about themselves, their participation in school activities, and demographic questions which included age and sex. Results showed that there was a weak positive correlation (r= .339) between positive self-esteem and school performance. There was also a weak positive correlation (r=.073) between positive self-esteem and G.P.A. However, there was a statistically significant correlation (r= .365) between G.P.A and overall school performance, showing that being an active school participant can better your grades. This research should be useful for further investigation into the benefits of studying and how it affects a student’s grade point average.

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