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This study focused on the effects of visual stimuli on information retention. Previous research findings have provided much insight into the effects of visual stimuli on the process of retention. Visual stimuli aids in how much information will be absorbed as well as the process of gaining knowledge through the process of vision (Dake, 1999; Rogoff, 2005). Researchers believed there would be a difference in information retention, as measured by a comprehensive quiz, between participants who receive text with pictures and those who receive text only. This study presented 34 participants with an information source that was either text only or one that included the presence of pictures. They were then given a content related quiz regarding the information on the text. The results indicated there was a slight difference in average scores. The participants who received the text with pictures scored slightly higher than the other participants. The data collected can certainly be generalized to many areas of education and the formation of better textbooks and curriculum. The presence of visual stimuli and the effect on information retention is pertinent to the formation of better strategies in improving student performance.

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