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Racism is an ever-evolving aspect of our society. Although the overt racism of the past may be behind us, indirect discrimination still prevails today. The proposed study aims to reevaluate race in today’s youth so as to fill the gap of current, relevant research, especially in children. Racism can cause a host of detrimental mental and physical health effects ranging from cardiovascular disease in adults to ADHD in children. It is not only overt acts of racism that cause these effects, but ambiguous acts of racism as well. Therefore, my proposed study aims to identify prejudices in children through the use of a picture containing ambiguous scenes of children at play. Participants will identify if the scene is prosocial or conflict and identify if the child instigating the act is black or white. If prejudices in children can be identified, it can begin to make parents, students, and educators more aware of their underlying prejudices, as well as bring interest to discovering ways to prevent it.

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