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Shop Till You Drop


Social influences on human behavior can impact individuals’ choices, leading to decisions that would not otherwise be made. Making purchases is a personal decision, but at times this can also involve others in the process prior to, during, and after the purchase. The purpose of this study was to explore ideas regarding individuals’ purchasing choices, their opinions of their own shopping behavior and that of others. Research questions for this study included: what do men and women think about their personal shopping behaviors and choices, do participants believe that others influence their shopping choices, and do participants attempt to influence the shopping behaviors of others. A survey was used to gather information from participants concerning their opinions of purchasing and shopping behavior and the data was analyzed and a description was developed including the comments of those who participated. The results showed that participants believed that their shopping behavior differs greatly according to different circumstances and that what might be applicable at one point in time might not be at another. Potential benefits from this study include ideas for future, more expansive research regarding purchasing behaviors.

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