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The purpose of this study was to discover if weight perception has an effect on obtaining an internship. It was hypothesized that a less qualified individual with an average weight appearance will be chosen more often than a qualified person who was above average weight when compared for an internship. Furthermore, people’s perception of weight and how they perceive others based on weight was observed. In the study, participants were directed to evaluate two resumes: one being qualified and one being unqualified and each having either an average weight or above average weight candidate’s photo identification attached. Then, the participants were instructed to fill out a survey pertaining to the participant’s choice of resume. Afterwards, each participant was directed to complete a demographics survey in order for the researchers to gain insight on personal attributes of the participant. This offered an understanding of the individualistic qualities of each participant when analyzing the results. As a result, the study did not provide overwhelming evidence of a positive relationship between weight and internship acceptance. Also, there were no significant conclusions that could be made in the fact that a positive relationship was observed between participants’ perceiving overweight individuals more derogatory than average weight individuals; however, there was significance when analyzing the results of overweight individuals being perceived in a more favorable light. This may suggest that people have become more accepting of others based off perception.

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