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Open Pedagogy Presentation with Dr. Robin DeRosa


Come learn about Open Pedagogy in this engaging presentation by Dr. Robin DeRosa. This presentation is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about making engaging assignments that students can use and talk about in the future.

Dr. Robin DeRosa is a national leader in open pedagogy, and an advocate for public infrastructures for higher education. She was a professor in the English Department at Plymouth State for fifteen years before becoming the director of the university's unique Interdisciplinary Studies customized-major program, a position that she held for four years. As the founder and director of the Open Learning & Teaching Collaborative, Robin now works with faculty and staff to increase interdisciplinary collaboration, develop project-based approaches to teaching, and connect university curriculum and research to the public good. She consults with community colleges and universities across the United States to create strategy and initiatives that link the daily work of the academy to the wider communities that support and are supported by academia.

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