Journal of International and Global Studies


Higher education in the United States has long been attractive to international students. International students from many countries seek the assistance of recruiters or educational agents when collecting information about colleges and college application in preparation for studying abroad. This study examines how educational agents facilitate Nepalese students in their U.S. higher education preparation. The author analyzes survey and interview data from 112 Nepalese students to investigate the experiences and issues Nepalese students typically face when preparing to study abroad and the ways in which educational agents are utilized to mitigate those issues. Results suggest that Nepalese students use educational agents to assist in finding a college at which to study. The agents are also instrumental in aiding students in creating and completing applications and procuring other required documents such as bank letters and visas, and in helping students prepare for English proficiency examinations. Students’ experiences in using the agents are comparatively positive, and students who participated in this study felt they could trust the educational agents. However, the agents’ service fees were often higher than the amount determined by the Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN), and some other negative experiences also surfaced in the research.

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