International Journal of Emerging and Disruptive Innovation in Education : VISIONARIUM


This research paper investigates the emerging technologies and pedagogical applications in design education. The rapid development of technology has opened up new possibilities for design education, and it is important to explore how these emerging technologies can be used to enhance pedagogical practices. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential of emerging technologies in design education and their impact on pedagogical practices.

The study employs a qualitative research methodology and draws on a range of literature sources, including academic articles, books, and reports. The research explores the use of emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and gamification in design education. It examines how these technologies can be used to enhance creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills among design students. Furthermore, the paper discusses the challenges and opportunities associated with the integration of these technologies into design pedagogy.

The findings suggest that emerging technologies have the potential to transform design education and improve pedagogical practices. The use of virtual reality, for example, can provide students with an immersive learning experience and enhance their understanding of complex design concepts. Gamification can be used to motivate students and promote collaboration among them. Augmented reality can be used to enhance the learning experience by overlaying digital information on physical objects.


12 March 2023



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