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Blockchain as a digital ledger for keeping records of digital transactions and other information, it is secure and decentralized technology. The globally growing number of digital population every day possesses a significant threat to online data including the medical and patients’ data. After bitcoin, blockchain technology has emerged into a general-purpose technology with applications in medical industries and healthcare. Blockchain can promote highly configurable openness while retaining the highest security standards for critical data of medical patients. Referred to as distributed record keeping for healthcare systems which makes digital assets unalterable and transparent via a cryptographic hash and decentralized network. The study delves into the security and safety improvement associated with implementing blockchain in AI-based healthcare systems. Blockchain-enabled AI tackles the existing issues related to security, performance efficiencies, and safety in healthcare systems. We have also examined the Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and medical industry, potential areas, open questions concerning the blockchain in healthcare systems. Finally, the article proposed an AI-based healthcare blockchain model (healthAIChain) to improve patients’ data and security.



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