Exploring the Intersection of Digital Marketing and Retail: Challenges and Opportunities in AI, Privacy, and Customer Experience

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Book Chapter

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Confronting Security and Privacy Challenges in Digital Marketing


The objective of this chapter is to examine the impact of emerging technologies, such as AI, NLP, VR, and AR, on the digital marketing landscape. It highlights the transformative nature of these technologies in the realms of personalization, virtual retail, and customer experience enhancement. The chapter emphasizes that these technologies offer novel opportunities for businesses to engage with consumers and optimize marketing strategies. However, it also recognizes the significant security and privacy challenges arising from these advancements, particularly with regards to data mining, customer data usage, and virtual environments. Additionally, the chapter discusses the growing influence of social media platforms, influencer marketing, and voice search technology in shaping the future of digital marketing. The authors conclude by recommending that businesses prioritize data privacy and security while embracing emerging technologies to remain competitive and navigate the evolving intersection of AI, privacy, and customer experience.

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