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Journal of Computing in Higher Education


This case study examines the adaptation of an existing online, asynchronous faculty development resource at the University of New Mexico to support the unanticipated need for all instructors to teach remotely starting in spring 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The course—entitled Evidence-Based Practices for Teaching Online (EBPTO)—was previously utilized to support instructor transitions to distance education by applying constructivist principles to the development of evidence-based online teaching practices. The course was adapted to address institutional and instructor needs as a result of the pandemic, including increasing facilitation resources. The largest EBPTO cohort, with 117 participants, began in June 2020. Data were collected through a reflective journal administered at the mid-point and an end-of-course survey. Analysis of the reflective journal provided insight into participants’ learning experience in terms of key “takeaways,” LMS tools that they had the opportunity to practice, and “lingering questions” that they had. The top 3 takeaways were the usefulness of course mapping, the usefulness of backwards design, and the deepening familiarity with LMS tools. Results from the end-of-course survey showed positive feedback from participants regarding perceived achievement of the course learning objectives, even after scaling the course to accommodate the large number of instructors moving to remote instruction.


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