Assessing Learning via Web 2.0 Technologies: A Dichotomy

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Book Chapter

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Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Institutions: Technological Considerations and Practices


Online learning takes place among learners of all ages in both formal and informal contexts. Due to the fact that traditional age students learn differently from non-traditional age students, especially in the virtual environment, educators are encouraged to employ either pedagogical or andragogical assessment methods accordingly. Using pedagogical assessment methods may work for traditional age learners. Likewise, applying andragogical methods may work for non-traditional age learners. Available assessment methods such as objectively-scored tests, subjectively-rated tests and criterion referenced tests will be discussed as well as a new form of assessment--learner self-evaluation. To use the proper tests or methods to assess online learning, educators are encouraged to possess both pedagogical and andragogical knowledge and/or skills. Instructors should use a variety of instructional and assessment methods. The authors of this article provide specific examples of online assessments from both andragogy and pedagogy.



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