New Readings of Silvina Ocampo: Beyond Fantasy ed. by Patricia N. Klingenberg, and Fernanda Zullo-Ruiz

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Revista de Estudios Hispánicos


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New Readings of Silvina Ocampo: Beyond Fantasy is edited by Patricia Klingenberg and Fernanda Zullo-Ruiz, two leading scholars on Ocampo. The genesis of the volume took place in 2003 in Buenos Aires, while attending a conference on the author. Their intent as editors was to systematize scholarship, and promote a reflection among scholars on existing literature dedicated to Silvina. The book is comprised of eight essays/chapters by various experts, two essays written by the editors, and an afterword. In this collection, we find literature review and three major trends of analysis: Ocampo's pervasive narrative ambiguity, her resort to and subversion of traditional models of classical and popular literature, and what I would call the "Borgesian Ocampo" with a focus on metaliterature and rewriting.



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