Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


Enrolment at all levels of education is regarded as one of the indices of measuring the growth and development of education system. It is against this backdrop that the study assesses the enrolments of students in the University of Ilorin and its implications for the management. In order to get data for the study, annual report of the university from 2019-2021 were used to provide answers to the two research questions that were formulated to guide the study. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive method of analysis. The findings of the study revealed that females were more enrolled than males at undergraduate level, while males were more enrolled than females at postgraduate level. Findings also indicate that there was low enrolment of international students in the university. Also, it was found that from the state enrolment statistics, Kwara state had high enrolment while Yobe state had low enrolment. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that more facilities should be made available for the population explosion of students and also, the admission for international students should be made seamless, this will ensure the internationalization of the university.

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