Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


To be effective in the 21st century classroom, educators must be lifelong learners who promote social inclusion (European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning [EUCIS-LLL], 2011). Pre-service teacher candidates must explore and develop social inclusion during teacher development programs to be life-long learners and more effective in the classroom. Therefore it is imperative for teacher preparation programs to provide pre-service teacher candidates with meaningful opportunities to be life-long learners and develop an understanding of and model social inclusion practices in their classrooms. In order to understand the candidate’s initial perception of social inclusion, the researcher will have candidates self-assess at the beginning and end of the teacher development program. This article details a piloted mixed-method research study of teacher candidates’ perceptions of social inclusion and its application in the classroom. It also includes information related to the need for teachers to be lifelong learners, focusing specifically on the socially inclusive aspect.

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