Journal of Educational Leadership in Action


Tim Thomasma


Our view is that an e-learning platform based on user-created content, gamification, and with an integrated social network, will create a content-dense environment in which all of the stakeholders can maximize their outcomes and in which the best teachers, students, lessons, and organizations will rise to the top. The elements of such an integrated e-learning platform would include: Wizards to enable instructors to quickly create engaging multi-media lessons; Capability to automatically transform lesson content into additional activities, games, and quizzes; The ability for students to take lessons in the form they prefer, including lessons presented as games; Reports and monitoring to enable instructors to track student engagement and outcomes; A safe internal social network to allow teachers, students, administrators, parents, and the community to participate in the discussion; Capability to enable user translation of lessons, allowing for truly global sharing. In order to test this hypothesis we are engaging with educators to build a platform called Memarden. The Memarden platform is designed to be a safe, easily accessible on-line environment where teachers, students, and those who support and encourage them meet. Memarden enables teachers to create interactive lessons quickly that can be offered to anyone on the platform. Students have profiles and pages where they organize their lessons and interact with other students, teachers, parents, mentors, and even future employers. As students use the lessons, Memarden collects data which they can keep private to assess their own progress, or share with teachers or parents who are guiding them.

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