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Robyne Elder

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Kevin Winslow

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Charles Brazeale


The purpose of this mixed methods study was to examine the experience of teachers and students from a Midwest, mid-sized suburban high school during Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. The researcher surveyed teachers and students about the challenges, benefits, and what they plan to carry forward post-pandemic. Because the teachers and students, prior to and over the course of the pandemic experienced several schedule options, preferences as to which schedule type they preferred were surveyed. Schedule types included Traditional, Block, Hybrid, or Remote schedules. Results indicated that for teachers, ERT was a time of learning and creation. ERT forced teachers to adapt their teaching to a digital environment and learn new digital teaching tools. After learning these tools, coupled with additional time, teachers began creating resources they could utilize during ERT, but also continued to use post-pandemic. Teachers found beneficial aspects of ERT, such as additional time at home, less commuting, time for self-care, and more time with family during ERT. Further, teachers felt students learned less and had difficulty building relationships with students. Schedule preference among teachers was split fairly evenly between the Traditional, Hybrid, and Block schedules, with Hybrid having a small majority, indicating many teachers feeling that they could successfully teach portions of their class remotely, but also that different content areas might have different preferences around schedule. Results for students indicated a much more negative experience. Students felt they learned less overall and struggled with relationships, getting the help they needed, social-emotional health, time management, and focusing on school. Some students were able to adapt and learned strategies for time management, self-reliance, and organization. Schedule preference for students indicated that students preferred an A/B block schedule.


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