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Dr. Cheryl Steed


Although the concept of Esports competency has been widely recognized, it is not yet well understood by the various educational institutions that have started offering certification programs in this field. This study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the multiple principles that have been established to promote this specialization.

The increasing popularity of gaming and esports has led to the development of a wide range of educational programs that are geared toward addressing the needs of the future workforce. Although the goal of these programs is to provide a comprehensive view of the various facets of this field, the process of teaching them is still new.

The goal of this study was to explore the common learning competencies that are developed in the post-secondary education of gamers and Esports in the United States. It was also conducted to identify the potential advantages of working in this field, over the traditional sports industry.

Although esports has been included in various post-secondary education programs, such as secondary and post-secondary, it is not yet considered a completely new field. The findings of this study will be used to develop an interdisciplinary program in this field.

Through the object collection process, the researcher was able to identify the various materials that are used in the education of esports students. These included the program descriptions and job postings for positions in the industry. She also examined the curriculum and course syllabi.

Secondary data were then collected from a school that has an esports program. This type of data was used to analyze the program's engagement and effectiveness. These quantitative data will be used to study how these programs are implemented in practice.


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